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Adventures by Disney Frozen in Norway

Adventures by Disney Norway Frozen Experience - Stave ChurchIt is never just a vacation when you visit a Disney destination.  Adventures by Disney takes that concept and expands it to include the entire world.  They make the world a Disney destination.  Their newest vacation destination is Norway.  Adventures by Disney released this destination to be timed with the release of the newest Walt Disney Animation Studio’s film Frozen.  The film will be released on November 27, 2013.  The first Norway adventure is in May 2014.  Disney has weaved the feel of the movie into the adventure.  You will start your Adventures by Disney vacation in the village of Bergen.  This real life town was the inspiration behind the storybook village in the movie Frozen.  You should plan to see the movie before you travel.  Seeing the movie will help make that first day pretty interesting.  The animated village really will be very similar to some of the places you will walk in Bergen.  The Stave Church pictured here is one place you will recognize from the movie.  You will see the Laerdal/Borgund Stave Church on day 4 of your  adventure. Continue reading Adventures by Disney Frozen in Norway